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We’re here to help you develop & launch incredible apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, Blackberry, Windows and even web apps.


We know there is a lot of mystery around app development and a part of our job is to help remove the secrecy from the app development process. Another part of our job is to educate you on all of the aspects of the app development process from wire-framing to beta testing, launch and even post launch marketing.


We know that one major concern when building your app is being able to stay on time with production and ensuring that the app will not only work properly but look incredible.  The Digitalix process will help your app in three ways:

1) It will make your app development process simpler
2) It will make your app better
3) It will make your app development process move faster


iPad App development for Business:

iPad is just not be an eye candy for people as an entertaining tool, but it’s going to play a major role as a serious medium of handling business undertaking as well. It has more potential to get develop great applications beyond messaging and sending information only and helps your business to grow.


Some of the business application can be named as.. but it’s not just limited to it we can develop any level of custom iPad business applications as per your requirements.

    • Search engine on your ipad
    • Intranet on your iPad
    • Sales Applications
    • Demo / Presentation Applications
    • Calendar / Reminder Applications
    • Customer Details Databases with secure login
    • Windows Office Services


iPad App development for Entertainment:

There are various applications available on the iPad that will make your phone a gateway to the world of entertainment in your pocket.

    • Radio Stations
    • Movie Feedbacks
    • Music
    • Information about local events
    • Cartoon Characters
    • Fun and Interactive Applications


iPad App development for Games:

iPad provides a plethora of different types of games that can be so engaging that you will forget the rest of the world. We design them on your demand, of you choice and for your pleasure.

    • Brick games
    • Puzzles
    • Quizzes
    • Strategy games
    • Board games
    • War games


iPad App development for News:

Keeping yourself updated with the world while on the move could be something of a challenge, but we make it possible with our customized iPad applications.

    • News flash on mobile
    • Offline reading
    • News Search
    • Bookmark News channel
    • Email news links, photos


iPad App development for Social Networking:

Being in touch with people might be difficult, but the virtual world does make it easy, iPad provides excellent applications for social networking.

    • Locating friends
    • Wi-Fi networking
    • Social networking games
    • Weather tips
    • Subscribing to events
    • Horoscope
    • Maps


iPad apps development for Sports:

If you are a sports freak then a mobile that provides sports applications would be just ideal. iPad brings in many sports Apps that will make a wonderful experience for sports lovers. We provide what you demand.

    • Live score updates
    • Sports news


iPad apps development for Travel:

Wherever you go your mobile is a constant companion, so why not make a travel companion friendly through travel applications.

    • Maps
    • Site information
    • Translation
    • Tourist information
    • Currency converters
    • Travel blogs


iPad Application development for Weather:

How would you like it if the information about the weather were in your pocket all the time, that you got to know about the behaviour of mother earth by just one touch, iPad App Development is the answer.

  • Weather reports
  • Warnings


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