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Isn’t it infuriating to have to purchase, install, maintain, and switch between so many pieces of technology just for your business to communicate effectively?  It is not uncommon to accumulate substantial bills in an effort to keep up with fax machines, telephones, directories, voicemail, email, cell phones, video and phone conferencing, instant messaging etc.  It’s exhausting and expensive. They all use different hardware, have different service providers with separate accounts and bills, and all have different maintenance needs and life spans.Wouldn’t it be so easy if you could just combine all of these technologies into one simple and easy solution for the entire business to use?  Digitalix has you covered, providing you a solution; unified communications or UC.invisiblegif
What is unified communications?  It is essentially a package of services that integrate all of those communication methods, technology, hardware and expenses into one easy to use solution.  Not only will it save you valuable time but also savings can be monumental between hardware costs, bills, maintenance, and IT costs.  Additionally, unified communications has features that you can use to increase productivity and maximize your bottom line.  Get saving, get productive, get a competitive edge, explore what unified communications can do for your business.


The increasingly diverse nature of today’s business environment demands an improved way for businesses to collaborate between employees, departments and a versatile workforce including remote workers, partners, consultants, vendors and suppliers.  With such a decentralized workforce, employees and team members need a more effective way to close the communications gap between one another, enabling an exceptionally consistent and efficient business process.


Metrics to consider when evaluating Unified Communications Solutions:

  1. Simplicity vs. Complexity
  2. Ease of Use
  3. Total Cost of Ownership
  4. System Availability
  5. Customer Satisfaction


Digitalix’s unified communication approach is vendor-neutral providing customers with greater flexibility, less vendor instability and the best possible technology at a  lower cost than our competition.  Below is a list of the popular state of the art communications features and solutions that Digitalix’s unified communications solution can offer your company in an integrated and customizable interface:

  • Voice and Telephony for voice communication
  • Conferencing for multi-party collaboration
  • Mobility Applications for remote access to communications
  • Unified Messaging for combining email and voice-mail in a single location
  • Presence and IM for real-time communication
  • Office Application Integration for communication within enterprise applications
  • Video Communication for face-to-face interaction
  • Web Collaboration for document sharing
  • Business Process Integration for workflow efficiencies using notifications and approvals


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