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Social Media Marketing is a great addition to the traditional SEO work that you do, but it’s not a substitute. The times have changed and SEO is not enough anymore. Especially when your ultimate goal is to get ahead in the SERPs and be found by your target audience before they find your competitors.


Through social media marketing you can successfully create a back-and-forth conversation with your target audience, which acts as an effective tool, giving you the ability to market your website through the buzz that you have been able to create.


When something interesting or unique is being talked about your product, services or concept in all the right places, it certainly acts as a much needed shot in the arm that boosts your website traffic. And this is what social media marketing is all about.


So it can be easily said that social media marketing fulfills high visibility requirement on major search engines when equipped with effective SEO strategies. All the social media buzz and traffic won’t amount to anything if your target audience isn’t already part of the online conversation.